A green spot called Central Park


Even I don’t really like big cities for living, there’s a place where I really feel comfortable and relieved. PARKS, I think I already said so on my early post of High line park and today I want to share with you the beginnings of THE PARK, Central Park of New York, the park which everybody thinks first when thinking about parks.

I was reading a book some days ago, that really caught me from the very beginning, it is Delirious New York by Rem Koolhaas, it shows you how Manhattan was created, architectural and urbanistically, how it was an investigation lab for architects to reach higher than ever.

So, it was surprising to find out how central park was created; it’s was a rush between the developing Manhattan and it’s land. Manhattan was growing so fast, that there was the possibility of occupy all the land without leaving any space. So on 1853 there where some people commissioned to make sure there was no building on the area delimited from 5th to 8th avenue and 59th and 104th street (later on would be 110th). And that’s how Central Park was born. It’s quite interesting how Koolhaas, describe the park as a fake nature, because nothing in there was actually in there, lakes are fake, trees are from other places… well, in fact, this is how almost all parks are constructed! Anyway, I quite think this is nerdy information, but some times, those things are the ones you remember the most, and you can blast it when someone is try to make the other people notice he knows more than everyone talking about central park (that’s a thing I really hate ;p)








PS. Those pictures are from last year, the day IRENE arrived, the rain you see in some pictures is Irene saying hello!


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