Little money always count

Have you ever wonder where those cents goes? Whatever you buy they give you cents, you keep them and then, you never use them again, and they are gone! In my school they give you cents when you pay for printing and copying, and I print a lot, so, my trousers, wallets, and bags were full of them, and I started to keep them. Cent by cent, I  filled up piggy banks, then I put the money into tubes, and in a box.. And a year later, I had saved more than 200€! So, I did a trip, which costed half the price if you think those 200€ where like extra money  (it’s better thinking it that way)

So I just wanted to show you how easy is to save money, or teaching to save money to your children or if you wanna do a trip with your couple, you can play: who save more cents? (copyright by me if some day becomes a real game ;p) Which was how my saving started! And it was great, some times when I was bored, I used to count them, it made me happy :) crazzy I know it.



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