Before Chicago became CHICAGO…

First of all I have to apologize to let the blog like that during so many days, but, I do have an excuse :p Since I came back from Chicago I’ve been unpacking and packing again all my stuff because today, my studies started again, so I had to move to Barcelona, we started a workshop today, which I’ll show you very soon ;) It’s really a cool thing :)

So now that I’m already installed…Let’s make a little bit of history before starting with the great Chicago everyone knows. Don’t worry you won’t fell asleep! ;) Back in october 1871 there was a fire which firefighters extinguish after hours of work, but suddenly, next day a new fire started, they were exhausted from the day before and they thought the smoke was from the day before, so when they realize it wasn’t, it was too late. They arrived at the place when the fire was too big and had not enough material to fight with, plus the hard wind which was blowing make the fire jump form one side of the river to the other, running to the city center, burning everything that could. And that’s how Chicago burned.

BUUUUT, fortunately, there were some buildings which survived the Great Fire. These were, among others (which in Chicago guides doesn’t say so, but I’ve found it doing a little bit of research, which you can find it in “History of Chicago” by AT Andreas) the water tower and the pumping station.

The Water tower and the Pump Station were constructed in 1869 using big limestone blocks by the architect William W. Boyington, both resemble more a tiny European castle than what they actually are. Since its survival of the Great Fire,they became one of the city’s most famous icons. It was threatened with demolition several times but it was saved each time thanks to a public outcry.

* Pumping Station


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