From the river to the sky


Architecture in Chicago is great, everyone says so, I already knew it before going there, BUT you can’t be prepared for such a storm of buildings, even if you think you are (I did), you are NOT! Your head and your eyes can’t stop going left and right, up and down, you don’t wanna miss a thing. You can think I overplay it, I would also have tought that hearing it from other people but the fact is, it is true, and as a matter of fact, got a contracture on my neck! You can laugh if you want but I do not lie :p Poor me.
So you can imagine me, my camera, my head, up, down, left, right, zoom in, zoom out, and start again, after the cruise I was exhausted, anyway I think I did quite a good job and caught many many images which I’ll have to classify later, but those ones are the ones I like the most, because of the pic, because of the building, because of the meaning, whatever; I hope you enjoy them :)
Pic from above, first day, rainy day, not a good day, you acctually can notice it :/

* Lake park, Mies van der Rohe students


* DuSable bridge and triumph tower

* Marina City, Mies van der Rohe and triumph tower, do not ask me why, but I like this sequence.


* Astonishing Sears tower


* Aqua from Jeanne Gang, the one on the back, with the weavy balconies is the higher building a woman have designed (at the moment, world be prepared, women are coming up :p )


* Little hancock structure


* “Rockefeller center”, missing the top?


* The largest building in the world, don’t know much about it but it has its own zip code!


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