A Middle Age village

Do you remember when I got lost trying to find THE ATM?

So, I went there again to take some photos for you, then you can know this little village a little bit better, and I knew it better too; quiet, relaxing and clean, is what I thought when  I walked through its streets looking up to all its buildings gaping with admiration, its hard to imagine that already in 1064 there where people walking through the same streets I was.

I really like this Middle Ages villages where the main sense of the curvy streets is to get people lost, and only the inhabitants know how to get out of them, and I have to say, that Castelló d’Empuries really reaches that goal, because I got lost again! You can walk for hours in there and you will always have the sensation of already have been there, and when you think you have find the exit, you bumb into the center again, Dammit! ;)

* The Cathedral

* Houses and streets

* The prison

* The orchards outside the walls

* The Laundries ( els rentadors )

* The old bridge

This pic is not mine, I took it from the village hall web site. All arches are diferent, because it was constructed in 7 years, each year an arch, it was bigger or smaller depending if it was a fruitful year or not.


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