Lost and found


Yesterday I was looking desperately for an ATM, all places I was going the machine didn’t work for one reason or another. I went to Figueres by car, then go back to Empuriabrava and finally to Castelló d’Empúries by moto. I’ve been many times to Castelló but never seen the ATM, maybe because I never need it when I was there, so, you can imagine me riding my moto with just one hand and with the other hand handling my iPHone with the Maps App opened describing the route I must follow. But even with the map and my location in any time in there, i got lost at least 3 times! Then i realize that maybe by foot I would arrive faster so I parked and got off from the moto. I walked through some tight streets and then, there it was, like a prize at the end of a hard slope, waiting for me, and it was working!(which is the most important thing of the whole story)

But, thanks to the ATM search, and the many turns I did to find it, I discovered a part from the town I didn’t know before, and I have to recognize that I really like this village! Here I let you a pic I took yesterday, and Castelló becomes a new future post, then I’ll show you how cute and silence is it, and there is a restaurant on a garden… OMG what a restaurant! But you’ll have to wait to see it! ;) 


* This cat was so cute! I love that pic :)



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