And this is the MIT said something inside of me, I took some air.

I love the MIT, I really hope to study there one day, I could describe this sensation as an academical dream, and more over, you feel so much as in a movie in there! have you seen 21 blackjack? not in the casino part, but the robot wars, the huge class with never ending blackboards, the secret class to learn blackjack’s counting… I may sound a little nerd, but that’s what a like of it.

Today, i invite you to take a look at the MIT, and mostly at its student residences, which are build by many famous architects.

* On the first place, chronologically 1947, there is Alvar Aalto’s brick residence, officially known as Baker House. Its particular shape was concived in order to avoid as much as possible the disturbing view out onto the street. By this means, no room was oriented at right angles to the street and its traffic so all the rooms has a quieter environment.

 * The next one is Simmons Hall, built by the architect Steven Holl in 2002 and nicknamed by the students as “The Sponge”, you can ovbiously see the reason of the nickname. Its facade is flat but full of little holes, which sometimes got together to form a bigger hole which is some communitary elements such as a dinnig room or a living room. Despite it doesn’t really match with the sorroundings, it’s kind of spectacular on its geometrical form, you can see it  as a huge tetris pice in front of you, then you feel it’s kind of majestic, that can make you think a little bit on Oldenburg’s work.

* The last recidential building in the MIT was the Ray and Maria Stata Center, which was built in 2004 by the great Frank Gehry. The residence is clearly on the line of Gehry’s work, using aluminum plates to get this ungeometricle forms. 

Just let me make a very little critical note in here, because Gehry has been strongly criticated because of his work, you may have seen it on the Simpsons episode, where he made a paper ball and threw it to the floor and suddenly he sees a building on that form, well, this action can anyone make it, but on the real life, can anyone make that structure stands? I know this is his structure’s engineer merit but, they are a team, aren’t they?

I am the first one to critizice his architecture/sculpture work, but don’t you feel astonished when you are in front of it?

* And never the less, have you ever wanted to live under the greek system? In the MIT there are many brother and sisterhoods where you can apply for. This is one thing you always see on the movies and think, does it really exists? And here are they!

One place I couldn’t forget on this post.

* The architecture department of the MIT.

I do not have many pictures from it, but you will see how minimalistic it is. I could descrive the floor plant as an 8, with a huge tripple heigh where the corriors and some offices faces i one O if the 8 and then you find the work classes arround the other O. And here comes what i found a really good idea, it has sofas and table-tennis on the middle. I know that’s not really academic, but, everyone needs a rest when you have been like 15hours in front of the computer, non-stoping.


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