Boston, Freedom Trail

Exactly two years ago, I was flying to Boston, and I didn’t know it then, but that was the most amazing summer in my life. I will talk about Boston more than once this week.

Boston is a city which you can easily fall in love with because of its architecture, places or atmosphere. It’s the kind of city you can actually say it’s green, wherever you go you find a park to rest and enjoy it’s views.

It is said that Boston is the most european city in the States, and probably it’s true, but there‚ is a particular thing you can not find in the European cities, which you have an old center and then the new part, all pretty separated by ages in an urban structure. But in Boston, you find old brick, stone or wood buildings mixed up with the new glass ones, a two storey building next to a 12 storey one, it realy makes a particular atmosphere where among the green spaces you can feel really comfortable.

I could say so many things about how beautyful Boston is, but I prefer you see it by your own eyes. To the one who haven’t been in Boston yet; i show you some shots of what you would see along the freedom trail, which is a 3 hour walking free tour, where you can see and visit the most important monuments and buildings in Boston.

* Boston common 

*  State House

* Granary Burying Ground

* Old state house and Boston massacre spot

Faneuil Hall 

* Paul Revere house

Old north Curch, Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers memorial

* Bunker Hill Monument


 Happy Monday to everybody!



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