Cadaqués and Port LLigat

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I was all day out and then at night I was too tired to write something on the blog.

Yesterday I was the whole day in Cadaqués, I don’t know if you know this charming fishermen village located in La Costa Brava, but if you come nearby it is a must stop. You can enjoy its white houses with blue window frames along the very sloped streets, where sometimes they aren’t even paved! Walking through these streets you will find many charming restaurants, art galleries, and handmade jewels.

This village was the hometown of the most important Surrealism painter of Spain and pretty sure of the world, Salvador Dalí. His home located in Port LLigat, very close to Cadaqués, there was where he used to create his particular art, finding inspiration on the landscape and his wife, Gala, mixing them with his fears and craziness.

* Compass Rose pavement decoration 

* Casa Serinyana or Blue House. It is a modernist menor house in Cadaqués

* Dalí’s house

*Port LLigat creek

* Instagram shoot

*Typical food you have to buy in there: TAPS DE CADAQUÉS, a kind of sponged little cakes with powdered sugar on the top, so yummy!

* To finish my day, delicious penne rigate dressed with carbonara sauce.


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