Wakeup Copenhagen

Wakeup Copenhagen is a new hotel built in 2009, designed by the architect Kim Utzon, which is the son of the well-known architect Jorn Utzon. It is typical Scandinavian minimalistic design. It’s located in the neighborhood of Versterbro, which is like a little Chinatown, about 5 minutes walking from the center, very close to the Tivoli Park and the Central Station.

You can appreciate the black façade and how the windows break the flatness of it by moving them in and out, up and down, giving a little disorder to the façade that makes it more attractive. To break and emphasize the main façade where the entrance is located, lateral façades moves back letting the structure show up like colossal columns in a Greek temple; the entrance it’s a very small double door between them, maybe it had to be place inside the “columns” to emphasize it a bit more, anyhow it’s just my opinion.It has an L shape plant which embraces in its interior a garden where the dining room faces. The dining room façade moves out from the flat façade in a triangular geometry creating different holes from where you can see the garden, you can like it or hate it, due to the so different geometry matching with the flat façade.Despite the rooms are quite small, you don’t miss anything in it. You have exellent views from your room and a cool and different bathroom.



* My breakfast


P.S. It has a great quality-price relation too, highly recommended ;)


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