Rest in the stressful New York

To start this blog I want to share with you one of the most beautyful and original parks I’ve ever been, it’s the HIGH LINE PARK in New York. It is an old railroad which has been transformed to an aerial line park not so long ago. 

The park was constructed in two phaces 2009 and 2011, and there’s a third phase on project that I can imagine it won’t disappoint our expectations. The park goes trough two neibourhoods in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, Meadpaking District and Chelsea, the neibourhoods of restaurants, shops and residential area where thanks to that park, have been replanted arround its line with various residential buildings which its facades do NOT let you pass by without looking at them. Here it goes some of the photos I took from the park, where you also can see the new buildings, wouldn’t you like to live in one of those and see that park from your window?

* Rest alone

* Rest with friends

* Bird houses

* The street view from unusual ways

* Paths

* New buildings

* Third phase still in project


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